Dear Xavier,


Thank you for all of your help with purchasing my first home. The experience was overwhelming, but with the help of the home buyers class I was well prepared for the process and my first year as a new home owner. I have to say that many of the warnings that were given in class came true such as the adjustment in my mortgage due to escrow, small unforeseen issues with my roof, and my battle with termites to name a few. The advice given protected me from costly repairs and stress along the way. I am so proud that I achieved my goal of homeownership, but even more grateful of the tools that were gifted to me through the home buyers program! I have referred so many people and will continue to refer others in the future. Thanks again for all that you do! By the way, thanks for the reality checks and truth that you offered! It was well needed even though I may not have wanted to hear it at the time, it made for better financial sense in the end.





Mikia Finley