Administrative Services


With today's changing reporting environment, meeting both external and internal reporting requirements are a challenge for the small to medium sized congregation. Green Forest Community Development Corporation (GFCDC) has been highly successful in meeting these congregational requirements for over 16 years, and is well poised to meet the needs of your congregation.





MAXIMIZE use of state-of-art and cutting-edge technology, administrative support resources, and highly effective relationship building tools.


EMPOWER both your church and your community to operate more efficiently, independently and inter-dependently while leveraging visionary thinking, planning, collaboration and plan implementation.

CREATE and promote self- sufficiency in the community through identification, the

harnessing and optimization of appropriate critical resources and venue tracks..

REVITALIZE neighborhoods and create affordable housing opportunities, counseling families and individuals on pre- and post- homeownership responsibilities and personal financial management.



PROVIDE services and implementation of innovative programs supported by continuous improvement processes linked to ready-in-time communication channels.