How Do We Make The Difference



GFCDC can provide (but is not limited to) the following solutions for your congregation and more:


Track vital membership information in your church,

customized to meet your individual needs, this provides structure and consistency to your data, enabling easy generation of many useful reports such as membership lists, ministry and/or organizational rosters etc.






Manage contribution tracking and reporting for your congregation,

making preparation and distribution of end-of- year contribution statements easy. Members also have the ability to see their contributions online when desired and plan their future giving.


Track member contribution trends and giving patterns, providing stewardship with the opportunity to react to changes in giving with accurate and easily understandable information.


Prepare checks for vendor payments, ensuring quality relationships between the church and business community.




Prepare W2,1099 and 941 forms, enabling generation of timely income statements to government and other recipients.


Status reporting for payables, single source data stream/feeds.


Prepare pay checks for your staff, making easy tracking and reporting of all taxes and deductions.


Monthly financial statements (Balance Sheet, Revenue and Expense, etc.), providing the key elements that indicate the financial health of the local congregation, and aid you in appropriate planning for financial and membership growth.


Budget tracking, providing the congregation with tools for monitoring and controlling expenditures and comparing revenues to expenses, ensuring the vitality of your church.